How West Virginia’s officials are voting in November

By Connor Schlegel 

There are only 24 days left until the 2016 general election and many elected officials have already made their stances clear on the candidates running for president.

However, since recordings leaked last week of Republican candidate Donald Trump making lewd and derogatory comments toward women in 2005, many Republican members of the United States Congress have pulled their endorsements.

Shelley Moore Capito, the Republican senator for the State of West Virginia, recently announced on Twitter that Trump should “reexamine his candidacy.” But on Wednesday, Capito told the WV Gazette-Mail that she would continue to support the Republican ticket and vote for Trump in the presidential election.

Joe Manchin, the Democratic Senator of West Virginia, declared his thoughts early on in the election cycle. He told WV MetroNews that he was endorsing democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in April of 2015.

As democratic governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s tenure in West Virginia comes to a close, he also endorsed Clinton through a press release in April.

Tomblin said that despite the fact that he’s “concerned about some of Secretary Clinton’s positions on fossil fuels, I believe she is the best choice to unite the Democratic Party and, after being elected president in November, our country”.

The two candidates in the 2016 West Virginia gubernatorial race have both been complimentary of Trump.

Republican candidate Bill Cole has formally endorsed Trump despite criticizing his comments from last week.

Democratic nominee Jim Justice, a coal-scion, has not formally endorsed either candidate.

He has condemned the comments Clinton made during a CNN Town Hall in March where she said she would “put coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Clinton has since backtracked on those remarks, but Justice is unlikely to endorse a candidate before the general election.

The three Republican Congressmen representing West Virginia in the House of Representatives are all critical of Trump’s comments, despite their continued endorsements of the Republican nominee for president.

David McKinley, representing West Virginia’s 1st District, endorsed Trump in comments to The Wheeling News Register in May because of Clinton’s position on coal.

Representative Alex Mooney, the former state chairman of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, has endorsed Trump since the republican candidate won his party’s nomination in May.

In May, representative of West Virginia’s 3rd District Evan Jenkins told WV MetroNews that he was endorsing Trump for president.

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This article appeared in an October publishing of the Daily Athenaeum. 



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