Photo Page

Woodburn Candid Final 1

This photograph of Woodburn Hall was taken in Woodburn Circle during the fall of 2014. It shows journalism student Thomas Werdon looking on as international students Elvira Moreno, Cecilia Battauz, Florencia Mazzei, Ana Ruiz and others are talking and having a snack between classes.

Woodburn Candid Final 2

This photograph was a candid picture taken in Woodburn Circle in the fall of 2014. It shows WVU students Mahue Abellan and Gregorio Burgas having a conversation as a group of international students including Ana Ruiz, Beatriz Rubio Cecilia Battauz and others talking after getting a snack between classes.

2014 WVU Homecoming Parade

Action Shot

This photograph of the WVU homecoming parade was taken outside of Massulo’s, a dry cleaner on High Street. It shows former Mountaineer Jon Kimble laughing as he leads the Alumni Band and other former mountaineers down the parade route.

Mid Range Shot

This photo shows Morgantown City Police Department officers Bill Runyan and Steve Bennett sitting in their squad car. The Morgantown City Police Dept. is responsible for blocking off certain roads during the parade to create the parade route and divert other city traffic.


The photograph was taken outside of the Monogalia County Clerk’s Office on High Street. It shows parade watchers Bill Locke and Alison Garland seated as they watch the WVU Alumni Band march down High Street.


This close-photo captures a lightpole located on High Street. It shows the homecoming week banner that wlecomes students, alumni and their family to Morgantown for the festivities. Another banner showcases the weekly Morgantown Farmer’s market, which is on Saturdays from 8:30 AM to noon.

Homecoming Float

This float featured in the WVU 2014 Homecoming parade was made collectively by fraternaties Kappa Alpha, Alpha Gamma Rho, Kappa Alpha Psi and the Sigma Kappa Sorority. This midrange photo also shows sophomore WVU student Devin Robinson checking his phone as he gets ready to participate in the festivities.


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